The SARC Awards

The SARC Awards honour diversity and inclusion in the disability service sector.

The SARC Awards are an opportunity for SARC Members to shine the spotlight on the people they support or organizations they partner with who are committed to community development and inclusive employment.

The SARC Awards honour people from across the province.

Every summer, SARC staff travel to recipients’ communities to create honourary videos that highlight the exceptional accomplishments, a profound journey, impressive skills, an incredible work ethic, community development, and voluntary commitments.

At the annual SARC Awards Banquet, recipients are presented with their awards in front of family, friends, SARC Members, government dignitaries, and special guests.

The Good Neighbour Award

The Good Neighbour Award recognizes a person who makes a difference in their community through their contribution or volunteer efforts.

Meet the 2019 Good Neighbour Award Recipient!

Terry Saretsky, from Humboldt, SK, has spent his life committed to helping whoever needs help within his community. Terry volunteers as often and wherever he can and is loved by everyone in Humboldt.

I think he’s just a fantastic part of the community…he grew up here, he loves the community, and I think just, we enjoy having him and his passion and enthusiasm is shown through his volunteer work.

Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Humboldt, SK

I like working here because it’s a good atmosphere. It makes me feel good. I feel like I made something, you know?

Charity Jess – Saskatoon, SK

The Great Work Award

The Great Work Award recognizes a person who demonstrates a great work ethic and professional growth in their community.

Meet the 2019 Great Work Award Recipient!

Charity Jess, from Saskatoon, has been working at the Delta Bessborough in the heart of the city for over 20 years! Charity goes above and beyond to perform her duties and help out anyone else on the team whenever necessary.

The Spotlight Award

The Spotlight Award recognizes a person who has an amazing skill or talent and who is eager to share this talent with their community.

Meet the 2019 Spotlight Award Recipient!

Catherine Berntson from Saskatoon, SK is an accomplished Opera and Choir singer who has traveled around the world, sharing her gift with many different people.

When I was talking to Catherine about this nomination and we went through her experiences, when I asked her what her life would be like without singing, or if she could imagine that, and she said, ‘no, I can’t imagine not having sung, not having this in my life. I don’t know who I would be or where I would be without it.”

Renee Friesen-Moorman – Saskatoon, SK

He’s the first one to help. If he sees someone doing something and they need help, he’s the first one to step up…if he has a job to do, he’s there. If it’s something in his personal life, he’s there. If he’s planned a trip and has committed to budgeting for it, he hits the nail on the head each time.

Nicole Morin – Shaunavon, SK

The Journey Award

The Journey Award recognizes a person whose personal journey has been extraordinary. This person has worked hard to achieve their goals or create positive changes in their life.

Meet the 2019 Journey Award Recipient!

Aaron Brubaker from Shaunavon, SK has had an incredible journey. By learning to appreciate the value of hard work and becoming a dependable and engaged friend and employee, Aaron has proven he can overcome life’s challenges.

The Community Builder Award

The Community Builder Award recognizes an organization, business, group, or individual whose efforts have a profound impact on their community.

Meet the 2019 Community Builder Award Recipient!

The group at Rongve, Gabruch, Schell and Weikle Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities has partnered with many organizations in the Battlefords to help nonprofit organizations in whatever way they need. Their work specifically with Battlefords Trade & Education Centre (BTEC) helped BTEC secure a brand new facility for their activity centre as well as a high-tech gaming system, BEAM.

I don’t know if [they] know how many people [they] inspire, including me, to do better for your community, so I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

Mona Leece, – North Battleford, SK

They’re almost like family now.  They know their jobs in and out, better than I do.

Peter Yannitsos – Regina, SK

The Inclusive Advantage Award

The Inclusive Advantage Award reconizes an employer who is a leader in supported employment by employing people experiencing disability.

Meet the 2019 Inclusive Advantage Award Recipients!

Juliana Pizza in Regina employs four people that are supported through Partners in Employment – Regina. The owners of Juliana Pizza treat all of their staff like family and won’t hesitate to make certain accommodations to help them out, if necessary.

Do You Want to Nominate Someone for a SARC Award?

Nominations for the 2021 SARC Awards are now open!

Nominations open in April of each year for Regular and Associate SARC Members and are accepted until early June of the same year. Two to three weeks after the closing date, nominators from SARC Member Agencies are contacted. Then, throughout July and August, SARC staff travel across the province to meet each recipient, their family, friends, and other community members to film a video vignette so that it can be shared with family and friends, other SARC Members, SARC Member Board representatives, government representatives, and members of the public at the SARC Awards Banquet.

If you have questions regarding the SARC Awards nomination process. please email SARC Communications Coordinator, Amy Janzen, at


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