The SARC Awards

The SARC Awards honour diversity and inclusion in the disability service sector.

The SARC Awards are an opportunity for SARC Members to shine the spotlight on the people they support or organizations they partner with who are committed to community development and inclusive employment.

The SARC Awards honour people from across the province.

Every summer, SARC staff travel to recipients’ communities to create honourary videos that highlight the exceptional accomplishments, a profound journey, impressive skills, an incredible work ethic, community development, and voluntary commitments.

At the annual SARC Awards Banquet, recipients are presented with their awards in front of family, friends, SARC Members, government dignitaries, and special guests.

The 2021 SARC Award Recipients Are

The Good Neighbour Award

The Good Neighbour Award recognizes a person who makes a difference in their community through their contribution or volunteer efforts.

Meet the 2021 Good Neighbour Award Recipient!

Lenny Smart is a true advocate for his community! Through his commitment to working with the City of Saskatoon Councillors to improve accessibility and remove barriers in his community, he is changing the urban landscape of the city’s core!

Lenny is a good neighbour because a good neighbour is someone who looks out for others and Lenny has done that day-in, day-out here. You know, he’s not asking for things just for him. He’s asking for things that are going to improve and help the lives of others for years to come. So he’s leaving quite a legacy.

Vanessa Lizotte, Saskatoon, SK

I worked at a preschool here in Watrous. I would help out the preschool kids and all of a sudden I just realized I wanted to be with little kids…I just love it!

Megan Lannan – Watrous , SK

The Great Work Award

The Great Work Award recognizes a person who demonstrates a great work ethic and professional growth in their community.

Meet the 2021 Great Work Award Recipient

Megan Lannan, from Watrous, SK. Megan knew from an early age that she enjoyed working with small children, and she never lost sight of that goal, now working at an early learning daycare centre in Watrous. Through this opportunity, Megan has really shone as a valuable employee and is absolutely adored by the children she supports.  

The Spotlight Award

The Spotlight Award recognizes a person who has an amazing skill or talent and who is eager to share this talent with their community.

Meet the 2021 Spotlight Award Recipient!

Kirston Lodoen, Regina, SK.  Kirston is a wonderfully talented artist who uses her art to express herself and bring joy to others.   Throughout her two years working with the group of people who support her, Kirston has had the opportunity to expand her artistic skills and create meaningful connections through her art with everyone around her. 

I just want my art to have an impact on people. Rather than it just being art.

Kirston Lodoen, Regina, SK

The Journey Award

The Journey Award recognizes a person whose personal journey has been extraordinary. This person has worked hard to achieve their goals or create positive changes in their life.

Meet the 2021 Journey Award Recipient

Khloe Nix, Prince Albert, SK. Khloe has worked to overcome adversity through much of her life.

Through her strength and commitment and the support of many people around her, Khole has charted a new course with immense possibilities for her, her family, and the people in her community. 

[Khloe] puts herself out of her comfort zone and pushes herself to move forward. And I think it shows in the progress she’s made in the past couple of years.

Karla Ethier, Prince Albert, SK

The Community Builder Award

The Community Builder Award recognizes an organization, business, group, or individual whose efforts have a profound impact on their community.

Meet the 2021 Community Builder Award Recipient!

Ross Revill, Saskatoon, SK. As a member of the Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon, Ross leaves a lasting connection with everyone he works with through his infectious energy and commitment to increasing the strength of community-based organizations. To Ross, building community is all about bringing people together to share and experience their gifts, talents, and interests, and Saskatoon is certainly better with him in it.   

He helps to build community by allowing and providing opportunity and choice for people, like the folks we serve at Elmwood. Everything he does, everything he says, helps to build those things.

Linda Boyko, Saskatoon, SK

[The workplace culture] allows everyone to feel valued, and respected

Denise Cook, Swift Current, SK

The Inclusive Advantage Award

The Inclusive Advantage Award recognizes an employer who is a leader in supported employment by employing people experiencing disability.

Meet the 2021 Inclusive Advantage Award Recipient!

Original Joe’s, Swift Current, SK. The management team at Original Joe’s has created a truly diverse and inclusive environment through their commitment to making every staff member feel like family. “Creating an inclusive workplace has provided our business with an economic advantage and I would recommend any business owner to consider hiring people experiencing disability,” said Tyler Wallin, General Manager of Original Joe’s Swift Current. 

Do You Want to Nominate Someone for a SARC Award?

Nominations open in April of each year for Regular and Associate SARC Members and are accepted until early June of the same year. Two to three weeks after the closing date, nominators from SARC Member Agencies are contacted. Then, throughout July and August, SARC staff travel across the province to meet each recipient, their family, friends, and other community members to film a video vignette so that it can be shared with family and friends, other SARC Members, SARC Member Board representatives, government representatives, and members of the public at the SARC Awards Banquet.

If you have questions regarding the SARC Awards nomination process. please email SARC Communications Coordinator, Amy Janzen, at


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