Benefits of Becoming a SARC Member

Why Join the SARC Network?

The SARC network is a strong group of community-based organizations dedicated to delivering excellent service for people within their community.   

Through the SARC Membership, you can take advantage of education and training, online resources, bulk buying and group discount programs, and more.

The services offered to SARC Members are designed to help them and the people they support expand their potential.

With training events, conferences, and regional meetings scheduled throughout the year, there are many different ways to connect and share ideas with the approximately 100 organizations who may be facing similar challenges and exploring similar opportunities.

Access to Education & Training

Access to SARC’s Manager Resource Area

Access to SARC’s Benefits, Pension, and Insurance Programs

Connection to a network of nonprofit professionals

Benefits of MembershipAssociate
Membership: $660/year
Membership: $475/year
Voting Rights
*Associate Member Voting Rights: Allocated 1 vote for all resolutions, except they may not submit on any resolution, question, or matter relating to SARCAN Recycling (a division of SARC) or SARC’s Bylaws.
Ability to nominate and elect Board representatives
For each Associate region, Associate Members may nominate and elect representative Board Directors in accordance with SARC’s bylaws.
Access to SARC Human Resources and Labour Relations consultant services
SARC has a Human Resources and Labour Relations Consultant on staff to assist organizations with HR/LR issues free of charge.
The Labour Relations Consultant is available to assist organizations on a number of LR issues including: performance management, interpretation and application of collective agreements and legislative provisions, collective bargaining services, and more.
The Human Resources Consultant works on provincial recruitment/retention initiatives and is available to assist Members who would like to have additional expertise on a variety of HR topics including: recruitment, organizational structure analysis and workforce planning guidance, HR policies and procedures, retention strategy development, and more.
Access to Facility Planning consultation services
SARC has a Facility Planner on staff to provide advice and support on a variety of building matters.
This free consulting service is available to Members that are being supported by Community Living Service Delivery of the Ministry of Social Services to undertake capital projects.
Access to SARC’s Property and Liability Insurance Program
We offer a Property and Liability Insurance program. SARC and Butler Byers Insurance Ltd. have designed a comprehensive Property/Liability Insurance Policy to specifically meet the needs of our Members, including some areas that are difficult to find in a stand-alone policy. SARC’s Insurance Program can offer comprehensive limits and enhanced coverages for all participating Members at a reduced premium.
Access to SARC’s Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Program
SARC offers a Directors & Officers Liability Insurance program through Butler Buyers Insurance Ltd. This program includes Legal Assistance which provides unlimited access to legal advice, free of charge.  Usage of this coverage does not affect the annual premiums and the Insurance Company encourages the use of the coverage as they see this as a Risk Management tool.
Access to SARC’s Benefits Program
SARC administers a Group Benefits plan through SunLife. Organizations can customize the plan with coverage that suits their needs and meets their budget.
Access to SARC Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Lifeworks provides employees with 24/7 access to confidential support and resources. SARC has a contract with LifeWorks to provide EAP services. Access to this program is open only to SARC Members. Through group buying power, this program can be purchased through SARC at a lower rate.
Access to SARC’s Pension Program
SARC’s Pension Plan is a Registered Defined Contribution – Money Purchase Plan through The Co-operators. With over $90 million in assets, it is a matching plan with the employee contributing 4% of pensionable earnings and the employer matching that amount.
Access to Training programs and events at a reduced, SARC Member rate
All SARC Members receive a special rate when purchasing SARC products and services, including registering for any training initiatives on
Access to the COMPASS Training Package*
*All Regular and Associate Members, as well as Affiliate Members with CLSD funding, are eligible to take 11 foundational training programs at no cost with COMPASS.  Learn more: 
Access to SARC’s Manager Resource Area
SARC Members have access to the online Manager Resource Area. This resource database holds a large variety of tools, templates, policies, and information for nonprofit managers to utilize within their own organization, including an extensive HR/LR resource library.
Weekly Communications
SARC distributes a regular e-newsletter to organizations and staff interested in receiving training updates, news, and blogs.

How Do I Become A SARC Member

You can become a Member of SARC by downloading the application form and following the process detailed on the form.

Associate Member

A nonprofit organization whose primary service demographic is adults experiencing intellectual or developmental disabilities. Your organization must provide at least one of the following services:

  • Day Program Services
  • Developmental Services
  • Residential Services

Membership Annual Fee: $660/year

Affiliate Membership

Any nonprofit organization with an expressed interest in SARC and the benefits it offers.

Membership Annual Fee: $475/year

Apply For Membership

If your organization is interested in joining the SARC network of approximately 100 community-based organizations, you can:

  1. Download the SARC Membership Application Form. A representative from your organization will be required to fill out all of the information on the form.
  2. Submit your completed application form by mail (SARC mailing address can be located in the form) or email Melanie Weiss, Director of Member Services/Assistant Executive Director, at
  3. Attach the following support documentation to your application:
    • Organization’s By-Laws, Mission Statement and Statements of Purpose.
    • A list of current Board of Directors, including their positions and responsibilities.
  4. Membership requires SARC Board approval, and you will be notified of the Board’s decision. If approved, you will be added to SARC’s online Membership Directory. We will also send you a New Member Package of information on services available to you as well as your log-in information to SARC’s online Manager Resource Area so you can start accessing the many benefits of Membership right away!

For more information, please contact:

Melanie Weiss, Director of Member Services/Assistant Executive Director, at (306) 933-0616, ext 245, or by email.


Please Note: The included information is for reference only, and SARC and its Members, their employers, officers, and Directors assume and accept no liability for any consequences arising from the use, non-use, accuracy, or legal compliance of any of the information, tools, or resources provided.

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