Supported Employment in Saskatchewan

What is Supported Employment?

Supported Employment helps people experiencing disability to find gainful employment in their community through the assistance of a job coach.

A job coach helps employees transition into their position with ease and supports them and their employer to ensure success in the workplace. Many SARC Member Agencies provide supported employment programs in their community.

Supported employment is a flexible approach to helping people experiencing disability achieve their employment goals.

Employment Professionals provide flexible supports to assist both the employee and employer as they work toward success in the workplace by: 

  • Working with employers to help them find the job seeker with the skills necessary to meet their labour market needs
  • Using Job Coaching to help the employee learn new tasks related to their chosen job 
  • Maintaining open communication with both the supported employee and the employer 
  • Fading supports over time so the employee can be more independent in the workplace while maintaining open communication and support on an as-needed basis  

Supported employment helps people experiencing disability connect to community through employment: 

  • Being involved in a community through employment opens doors to meeting new people, and the workplace becomes another social network 
  • Contributing to community through employment helps people find a sense of purpose, and what we do for work is a big part of our identity 

Supported Employment ensures that job seekers are ready for work by meeting each person where they are at and helping them get ready for employment: 

  • Making an employment action plan that includes skills, strengths, barriers, and goals 
  • Understanding job interests and what jobs are in demand in the community 
  • Developing fundamental workplace skills 
  • Creating and using resumes, cover letters, and application forms 

What Impact Does Supported Employment Have in Your Community?

The Benefits of Hiring People Experiencing Disability are Endless!

  • Employed people spend more time in the community, strengthening the economy
  • Employed people form lasting relationships with employers and coworkers
  • Employing people experiencing disability increases employee morale and enhances the organization’s public image
  • Employing people experiencing disability eases workplace turnover and training costs through the assistance of a job coach

Supported Employment Transition Initiative (SETI)

SETI is a fund administered by SARC through an annual grant through the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training to encourage new and innovative supported employment projects from across the province.

Funds are considered seed dollars and organizations are encouraged to seek long-term, sustainable funding beyond SETI. All funds are allocated via an annual Call for Proposals process with decisions made by the SETI Steering Committee comprised of multiple Government Ministries, Stakeholders in the disability service sector, employers, and SARC.

The SETI Call for Proposals is now closed.

As of April 1, 2021, the SETI program will transition to a multi-year approach, with the Call for Proposals being from April 1, 2021, to March 31, 2023, with organizations able to apply for up to 24 months of funding.

Want to learn more about SETI? Please email

Supported Employment at Work

Expanding Projects with Midale Central School

Weyburn Wor-Kin and Midale Central School have partnered for three years to provide service to youth within the school system in both Weyburn and Midale as well as people supported by Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop. The youth have a work crew named TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) which provides services to the community such as yard work, window washing, and cleaning to name a few. This year the project is expanding into more communities.

Double the Impact with Munch Cafe and Catering

Munch Catering is a registered charity in Regina that provides food-service training and employment for adults experiencing disability, our Catering Assistants.

The Double Impact Project works with other charitable organizations in Regina by using donated funds to further benefit the community. Learn more by visiting

Stocking Shelves at the Porcupine Plain Co-Op

The crew at Porcupine Opportunities Program (POP) work hard to train in a variety of roles at Porcupine Plain. Working at the community Co-Op is one opportunitiy available for people involved in the SETI Project.

POP also operates a gift shop and adjacent laundromat that offers further employment opportunities for people supported through POP.

Visit to learn more about their Gift Shop and Laundromat.

Connect with an employee or employer in your community.

Are you looking for a job or helping someone with their job search? Are you an employer looking to hire?

Visit to access resources or make a connection.


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