Supported Employment in Saskatchewan

What is Supported Employment?

Supported Employment is rooted in the belief that everyone can work, if they have the proper supports in place. 

Supported employment is a flexible person-centered approach to helping people experiencing disability achieve their employment goals.

People experiencing disability can find employment in their community through the assistance of an employment professional.

What is an Employment Professional?

An employment professional supports people towards employment and can wear many different hats, including employment specialist, job coach, and job developer. SARC Member Agencies provide supported employment programs to help people transition into the workforce in their community.

Employment Professionals provide flexible supports to assist both the employee and employer as they work toward success in the workplace by: 

  • Working with employers to help them find the job seeker with the skills necessary to meet their labour market needs
  • Using job coaching to help the employee learn new tasks related to their chosen job 
  • Maintaining open communication with both the supported employee and the employer
  • Fading supports over time so the employee can be more independent in the workplace and rely on natural support while maintaining open communication and support on an as-needed basis  

Supported employment helps people experiencing disability connect to community through employment: 

  • Being involved in a community through employment opens doors to meeting new people, and the workplace becomes another social network 
  • Contributing to community through employment helps people find a sense of purpose, and what we do for work is a big part of our identity 

Supported Employment ensures that job seekers are ready for work by using a person-centered approach and meeting each person where they are at and helping them get ready for employment:   

  • Making an employment action plan that includes skills, strengths, barriers, and goals 
  • Understanding job interests and what jobs are in demand in the labor market
  • Developing fundamental and transitional workplace skills 
  • Creating and using resumes, cover letters, digital literacy and application forms 

What Impact Does Supported Employment Have in Your Community?

The Benefits of Hiring People Experiencing Disability are Endless!

  • Employed people spend more time in the community, strengthening the economy
  • Employed people form lasting relationships with employers and coworkers
  • Employing people experiencing disability increases employee morale and enhances the Business’s public image
  • Employing people experiencing disability eases workplace turnover and training costs through the assistance of an Employment Professional

Supported Employment Transition Initiative (SETI)

SARC receives funding from the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training, Career Services for SETI.  Community-based organizations have an opportunity to apply for funding to develop or expand employment related programs that are aimed at assisting people experiencing disability to prepare for, obtain, or maintain employment.    

All funds are allocated via a Call for Proposals process with decisions made by the SETI Steering Committee comprised of multiple Government Ministries, stakeholders in the disability service sector, employers, and SARC. 

The SETI Call for Proposals is now closed.

Any questions regarding SETI can be emailed to 

SETI Projects 2024-2025

RRRC | Regina
Interlake Human Resources Corporation | Watrous
Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop | Weyburn
Moose Jaw Diversified Services Inc. | Moose Jaw
Inclusion Hudson Bay | Hudson Bay
H.E.L.P. Homes of Regina | Regina
Munch Cafe and Catering | Regina
Autism Resource Centre | Saskatoon

Supported Employment at Work

Sydney Kidder, the 2021 CASE Emmerson Award Recipient

Sydney Kidder, an employee at Munch Cafe and Catering has recently been awarded the 2021 CASE Emmerson Award. Sydney has been working incredibly hard during COVID. In the past year she has been able to gain employment at two Regina-based bakeries. With the help of Munch’s Job Developer, she was able to utilize the MentorAbilitiy program to work with KoKo Patisserie in Regina for a one 8 hour workday.

After, she was hired on at Sinfully Sweets for three months before Covid caused downsizing. Fortunately, KoKo Patisserie decided to create a position with Sydney in mind and she is now a part-time employee there.

Sydney applies the skills she’s gained throughout the past year in every shift she works. 

Congratulations, Sydney!

Give back twice as much through Crocus Co-op

Crocus Co-op supports adults in Saskatoon living with a mental illness by providing casual employment, social programs, and meals in a drop-in environment. As part of our SETI project, Crocus members have been making handmade Christmas cards which are sold through our organization.

This project has given 7 members employment so far this winter, with over 500 cards being sold before December! Not only do our cards spread Christmas cheer in the community, but they also give our members a chance to earn income during the holiday season in a fun and supportive work environment.

To purchase our handmade cards contact us at 306-477-2971 or

Weyburn Honours Local Hero!

Brendan has attended the Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop’s Vocational Training Centre for many years, participating in a work training environment to develop skills and gain confidence in his abilities. He has also been part of the TEAM work crew since 2019 and has shown great skill when it comes to following directions, working hard, and learning new skills. In early 2021 he obtained his WHMIS, first aid, and CPR training and certificates (because of funding provided by SETI).

In May of 2021, he was honoured by the Weyburn City Police for his quick thinking and the actions he took that aided in saving a life at a local restaurant. Partially because of the training he received in the First Aid and CPR course, he was able to identify a person that had overdosed in the washroom of the restaurant and had become unconscious. He alerted the restaurant staff to call 911 and emergency personnel were able to attend to the unconscious person quickly, possibly saving their life.

He is a true example of why we give participants all the education and training to prepare them for any situations that could occur on the job or off.

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