The SARC Annual Report

The SARC/SARCAN Annual Report shares highlights from across our three divisions, SARC, SARCAN, and Finance.

The 2020/21 SARC Annual Report

2020 was a year of impact and change for SARC

2020 changed the way many organizations, including SARC, operated. SARC, SARCAN, and SARC Members all adjusted to unprecedented challenges and learned what it’s like to truly pivot.

Over the last year, SARC Members were called upon to collaborate and work together in new and various ways. Organizations upheld their commitment to providing exceptional supports during a pandemic and continue to prove why this sector is so truly special.

In March 2020, SARCAN made the difficult but appropriate decision to temporarily shut down all 72 SARCAN depots and 2 processing plants. Upon reopening, SARCAN worked through various challenges related to operating a large system through a global pandemic.

The 2019/20 SARC Annual Report

2019 was a busy year for SARC.

In this publication, you’ll see the many ways in which the Member Services Division continues to support our Members through education and training opportunities, including the increase to the COMPASS Training Package; through facility upgrades, Human Resources Services, and through SETI projects. 

SARCAN once again had a busy year last year, serving 1,799,200 customers in 2019, recycling over 438 million beverage containers, and completing new projects that will improve efficiency and solidify our position as a leader in provincial recycling services.

The 2018/2019 SARC Annual Report

50th Anniversary Edition

In 2018, SARC and SARCAN both reached impressive milestones with SARC celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary and SARCAN celebrating its 30th!

2018 was a very exciting year for SARC as we celebrated our 50th Anniversary. This was also the first year where we celebrated Disability Service Professionals week, where we introduced the SARC Awards and the COMPASS Training Package thanks to CLSD funding, and where we marked the milestone with a commemorative art piece.

SARCAN also celebrated a milestone 30th Anniversary year in 2018. You will read through pieces of how we broke new ground, celebrated our employees, and expanded training and learning opportunities.


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