SARC Members have Supports Made For You and Supports You Can Trust

SARC Members are Committed to Independence, Inclusion, and Opportunity

"It's a great place to be; it's where I belong. I get to be with warm hearted people. I can write stories there. People at the organization help to do things on my MAP - I go on trips with friends; I volunteer at the Clothes Basket and now at the Food Bank."

Lacey Arlt, Supported by SARC Member

SARC Members have Professionally Trained Staff Delivering Services Tailored For Each Person

“We trust the staff and their desire to give Ty the best life possible. We are impressed and thankful for the efforts to get Ty and others out into the community and participating in activities and events.”

Paul and Colleen Nicholson, Family Members

Who are SARC Members?

SARC Members are community-based organizations that support people experiencing disability to live, work, and enjoy their community. You can expect great things from a SARC Member:

  • Individualized Services

    Supports tailored to your needs and goals


    SARC Members know that each person is unique. They also know that you can’t provide great services to someone without really knowing that person as an individual. SARC Members are dedicated to real, meaningful relationships with the people they support, which translates to services that work for each person and change over time as each person’s needs and goals change.


    SARC Members have been champions of person-centred services for years, having worked in consultation with Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Social Services to develop The Comprehensive Personal Planning & Support Policy. This policy is at the heart of everything a SARC Member does – it’s all about helping people live the lives they want to live.


  • Professionalism

    Knowledgeable staff committed to quality services you can trust


    SARC Members have an Agreement for Services with the Ministry of Social Services that outlines quality assurance and accountability measures and reporting. Included in this is the Saskatchewan Basic Standards Review, which assesses whether organizations are meeting standards in the areas of: rights of the people being supported, service provision, health and safety, staffing, financial management, and Board governance.


    SARC Member Boards and staff are committed to quality services and recognize that ongoing professional development is key to maintaining a high standard of service. SARC, as the provincial association, is here to help, offering resources and training opportunities through SARC Learning Central , including the COMPASS Training Package , a collection of quality training programs available at no cost to SARC Members.


    You can put your trust in a SARC Member, knowing they have the knowledge and resources to provide you with top-quality supports.


  • Opportunity

    What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? A SARC Member will help you get there.


    You’re in charge of your own life, and with a SARC Member it all starts with the person-centred planning process where you talk about what’s important to you, what needs and goals you have, and how you like to spend your time. Then, you and your support staff work together to make those things happen. Check out some of the things people have been accomplishing with the support of SARC Member!


SARC Members Empower People to Live to their Full Potential

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  • “Uncle Rodney is treated like gold here. Every possible accommodation is made daily to ensure his dignity and general well-being are maintained. Regular communication is shared to give reports of special events my uncle has attended. They regularly help Uncle Rodney attend events within Saskatoon as he really enjoys getting out. The staff has even made trips to Regina with him to attend Rider games!”

    Ean Prosser Family Member
  • “When I went on my trip to Mexico, I went with Jesse, Sharon, Louise, Cyndi, Susan, Howard, Andrew, Jean and my girlfriend Jen. When I was in Mexico, I kept thinking to myself, wow I am so lucky to be here. Before I came here, I wanted to travel but I did not think I would be able to until I got my grade 12/GED and found a job. I got to travel with my girlfriend Jen; she also attends the day program with me. It was so nice to relax in the hot sun and see Mexico with her.”

    Anthony Lafleur Supported by a SARC Member
  • “The staff have taken the time to get to know Michael and his interests and abilities to develop services to best suit his needs, which allows for feelings of success and pride. They ensure that Michael feels safe within his work environment and has a peer group for outings and activities. His supports change as Michael’s needs and progression changes.”

    Ron and Sherry Boyle Family Members
  • “My brother Jack Rieder has been supported for several years. We are very happy with the extraordinary care he receives from the staff there. Jack is so happy and he feels so comfortable there; they are encouraging him to pursue his art in many forms.”

    Cecilia Olver Family Member