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The SARCAN Story - Crushing It Since 1988

By Sydney Smith, SARCAN Communications Officer SARC is celebrating 50 years throughout 2018, but did you know that SARCAN Recycling is also celebrating its 30th Anniversary throughout the month of July? We thought we would share a little bit about the SARCAN story and how it all began 30 years ago! SARCAN – the recycling division […]
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Housing First – YWCA Prince Albert’s Homeward Bound Program

By Nicole Linzmeyer, SARC Communications Officer In celebration of SARC’s 50th Anniversary, we are highlighting Member Agencies that are approaching client needs in unique ways in order to serve them better. While SARC Members have accomplished some amazing things for Saskatchewan communities over the last fifty years, looking ahead into the next fifty, there are many […]
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Mental Health Director Impacts Quality of Life at SAI

By Nicole Linzmeyer, SARC Communications Officer Haley Ralko, a registered psychiatric nurse, began working at SAI over a year and a half ago as SAI recognized that they serve many individuals with dual diagnosis and thought that they could really benefit from this position. “Throughout the last ten years, the people that SAI serves has really […]
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Community Through Food & Friendship: L'Arche Saskatoon's Partnership With CHEP Good Food Inc.

By Nicole Linzmeyer, SARC Communications Officer Partnerships create unique opportunities for SARC Members to offer opportunities that are community-based and meaningful to clients. No matter the time commitment, type of organization, or number of clients impacted, developing partnerships with other organizations, groups, or businesses is a fantastic way to offer new experiences to the people […]
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