SARC Awards

Introducing...the SARC Awards! 

An awards program designed to celebrate the unique accomplishments, journeys, skills, and contributions from across the province.  These awards celebrate community builders, inclusive employers and people that make the community a brighter place.

The SARC Awards are all about sharing people’s stories. Every person has their own unique story – from employment paths, personal journeys, skill development and contributing to the community. We need you – SARC Member Agency staff – to help us share those incredible stories! 

2018 SARC Awards Nominations from SARC on Vimeo.

Learn more about each of the six SARC Awards below. To download more information on each award, including nominations guidelines and nominations forms, click on the award name.  You can also click on the gold "nominate" button below to access our quick and easy online nomination forms!

The SARC Awards Categories Include:

1. The Good Neighbour Award

The Good Neighbour Award is presented to someone who loves spending time contributing to their community. Let’s recognize someone who has decided to share their interests and skills to positively impact others!

2. The Spotlight Award

Nominate a talented individual that you support for the Spotlight Award! This individual is passionate about a particular interest area and is continually working towards developing those skills that go along with it.

3. The Great Work Award

Share someone’s employment story! The Great Work Award is presented to individuals in all employment scenarios, including: a transition (a “first job” story), skill or career progression through long-term employment (either with one employer or multiple), or self-employment.

4. The Journey Award

This award is all about an individual’s journey. This could involve a story of personal growth, skill development, overcoming obstacles, or accomplishing long-term goals.  Nominate someone that has worked hard to create positive life changes!

5. The Community Builder Award

Recognize a valuable community partnership your organization has. Nominate a group, business, or other nonprofit organization (outside of the SARC Membership) that has made a significant contribution to your organization, clients and community. What about a volunteer or supporter 
who acts as an ambassador for the organization helping to make connections in the community?  Nominate them for the Community Builder Award!   

6. The Inclusive Advantage Award

Recognize an employer that has utilized supported employment services at your organization! Nominate a workplace that realizes the benefits of hiring people experiencing disability and highlight their commitment to an inclusive workforce.