Celebrating 50 Years

Throughout 2018 SARC has been celebrating 50 years!  We have held many exciting events and activities throughout the year to highlight our membership, the history of the disability services sector, as well as the incredible work that professionals in the sector do to support people experiencing disability to live, work, and thrive in their communities according to their unique goals and desires.

Here's how we've celebrated:

50th Anniversary Commemorative Art Piece



SARC Awards Banquet (October 24)


SARC Fall Conference (October 24-25)

  • The celebrations continued at the SARC Fall Conference, where both of our opening keynote presentations reflected on the past and future of nonprofits and service providers.  Bruce MacDonald, Executive Director of Imagine Canada opened the conference with his presentation on the "5 Wicked Questions" where he shared some information about some of the challenges nonprofits will face in the future and where our sector is headed in the future. This presentation is available on the SARC Learning Central Facebook page. 
  • We were also delighted to have Joseph Macbeth, Executive Director of the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals, close the conference on "Understanding the Past to Chart the Future of Supports and Services".  He shared his past experiences as a Direct Support Professional and provided some insights on the future of supports and services in order for organizations to be sustainable and person-centred.  His presentation is also available on the SARC Facebook page (Click here for part one and here for part two).
Joseph Macbeth, Executive Director of NADSP
Bruce MacDonalds, Executive Director of Imagine Canada

SARC Spring Conference - May 28 & 29












Disability Service Professionals Week (May 28 - June 1)


For more details, on what we have been up to for SARC's 50th Anniversary, read the Fall 2018 version of the SARC Update.



Thank you for celebrating 50 years with us!