Leading by example by embodying SARC’s values in its work and decisions, SARC’s Senior Management Team provides effective leadership and direction to SARC’s areas of operations.

Amy McNeil, Executive Director

Amy was hired as SARC’s Executive Director in 2007. She holds overall responsibility for the performance and operations of all of SARC’s divisions and departments. Amy is responsible for the implementation of SARC’s strategic direction as set by the Board of Directors. She also leads government and stakeholder relations and advocacy efforts. At the direction of the Board, Amy has championed a corporate culture of empowerment and respect and is responsible for leading a workforce that values diversity, fun, health, safety and wellness while striving for excellence.

Sean Collins, Director of Collections (SARCAN Division)

Sean has been working for SARC since 2002 when he started as the South East Regional Manager in our SARCAN Recycling Division. Sean has been in his current role since 2017. Sean oversees the operations and performance of the SARCAN collection system and supports Members in their role as operators in 43 of the depots. Sean also leads a team that includes five Regional Managers, an IT Strategist and Assistant Director of Collections.

Kevin Acton, Director of Operations (SARCAN Division)

Kevin started with SARC in 1988 as a supervisor and was one of the first SARCAN employees. Over the years, he has held a variety of positions. In Kevin’s current role as Director of Operations -Processing, Development, Transport and Salvage, he provides leadership to a team of employees and has overall responsibility for SARCAN’s two processing plants, transport and logistical systems, maintenance programs, capital development and improvements and salvage sales.

Melanie Weiss, Director of Member Services/Assistant Executive Director

Melanie has been with SARC since 2001 and has held a few different positions. Melanie provides leadership to SARC by ensuring the implementation and delivery of all initiatives related to the Member Services Division and other services available to SARC Members are at the highest quality. Melanie assists and provides backup to SARC’s Executive Director in corporate/association governance and government relations.

Roxanne Peters, Director of Finance

Prior to joining SARC in 2012, Roxanne worked as a financial auditor with a major accounting firm. In addition to leading a team within SARC’s Finance Division, Roxanne provides financial leadership to SARC, ensuring optimal utilization of financial resources. Roxanne is also responsible for ensuring the effective management of SARC’s Pension Plan and oversees our risk mitigation strategies.


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