Realistic Job Preview Package

A realistic job preview (RJP) is a tool designed to communicate all aspects of a job so the job candidate can make an informed choice about seeking employment in the disability services sector.


Not surprisingly, dissatisfaction often occurs when a new employee discovers the job is not what he/she expected.  Give your job candidates a look at what a career in the disability services sector is truly like with the Realistic Job Preview video and Implementation Package.  Realistic Job Previews (RJPs) can help your organization and your job candidates avoid misunderstandings, as well as screen out candidates whose preferences and interests lie elsewhere.  


A Realistic Job Preview is designed to:

  • Communicate both the desirable and undesirable aspects of a job before a job candidate has accepted a job offer;
  • Decrease surprises on the job and increases interview effectiveness;
  • Fosters positive perceptions of employer honesty in the recruitment process; and
  • Help candidates make a fully informed decision.


The Realistic Job Preview implementation package defines an RJP, outlines some of the benefits, and suggests methods of implementation and evaluation 


Benefits of Using a Realistic Job Preview:

  • Reduction in early stage employee turnover and in costs of training, hiring, and turnover.
  • Improvement in the fit between job candidates, the demands of the job, and the organization’s culture.
  • Potential to have a positive impact on job satisfaction.


Target Audience:

  • SARC Member Agencies and other organizations in the disability services sector; and
  • Managers and supervisors.


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