Employee Orientation and Onboarding Guide


Repeated studies have shown that employees who are engaged in the job during the first 90 days are more likely to stay than those who quickly become disengaged. 


The Employee Orientation and Onboarding Guide will help you engage new talent in your workplace.  This planned approach has been demonstrated by research and conventional wisdom to increase productivity quickly and engage and retain our workers, with the ultimate payoff being to reduce turnover and encourage workers to stay for a longer tenure.  


Understanding the unique factors that affect new employees during the onboarding process is necessary to build a strong workforce and increase retention.   


This guide is designed to provide information, ideas, and suggestions on effective techniques related to orientating and onboarding new employees.  It provides a general framework and discusses the impact of successful onboarding programs, tips and tools for managers, checklists for each of the critical stages of integration, and some examples of job specific training options.

Employers know that employees are most vulnerable to leave an organization in the first 18 months after they are hired.  The Employee Orientation and Onboarding Guide will guide you through the critical stages of Pre-Hire and Pre-Start; The First Day; The First Week; The First Month; The First 3 Months; The First 6 Months; and The First Year.


Effective orientation and onboarding helps new employees adjust by:

  • Delivering preliminary orientation/training to ensure they have the skills and knowledge for the job they have been hired for;
  • Providing support to help reduce unwanted turnover;
  • Clarifying expectations and objectives to improve performances; and
  • Establishing better relationships to increase satisfaction.


The guide also provides information on career development for employees, and includes a template of an Employee Learning and Career Development Plan and a sample Learning Policy.


Target Audience:

  • SARC Member Agencies and other organizations in the disability services sector;
  • Could be adapted to suit other nonprofit organizations;
  • Managers and supervisors.


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