Your Life, Your Rights

All people need to know their rights. The Your Life, Your Rights book and handbook were published by Estevan Diversified Services (EDS) to ensure that all clients know their Rights for Life.  This Clear Language Book of Rights aims to help everyone to know the rights that all people have and empower people to have choice and control in their own lives.

Why EDS Wrote This Book:

EDS looked at the book that was used for new people coming into their program and saw the Human Rights section in the book was written at a level that most people could not understand. When only two people could describe what some of the rights meant, EDS identified the need to develop the Your Life, Your Rights book. 

How to use this book:

Your Life, Your Rights is meant to be a teaching tool. Clients can read through the book with a parent, teacher, support worker, etc. who can reference the handbook. The handbook explains how to go through the book with clients, what supplies to have on hand, and gives examples of things to talk about with the client while reading.


Download Your Life, Your Rights 


Download the Your Life, Your Rights handbook