Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership (SNP)

SNP’s mission is to benefit the nonprofit sector through research, networking, public awareness, sector strategy development and thought leadership. Their long-term vision is that the nonprofit sector is widely recognized as a fundamental and essential contributor to Saskatchewan’s success.

Through a collaborative approach to its work, SNP supports nonprofit organizations with information and learning for new leaders, opportunities for mentoring, and research about trends in the sector. It provides a pipeline to help manage some of the challenges that we all face working “in the nonprofit trenches.”

Senior leaders of the following organizations serve as members:


SNP’s first priority is to facilitate research to gather baseline data on the nonprofit sector in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Nonprofit Organizations 2018 Research Survey 


Insightrix was commissioned by the SNP to conduct this survey in the summer of 2017 which saw 1,643 respondents. This survey helps profile the scope of the nonprofit sector and its contributions to our province through gathering insights into the diversity of nonprofit organizations in the province, the employee and volunteer workforce that supports nonprofit operations, finances, the top challenges experienced by nonprofit organizations, and understanding the changing circumstances experienced by Saskatchewan nonprofits. Find an infographic of the Saskatchewan Nonprofit Organization Research Survey here!

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