SARC Pension Plan

The SARC Pension Plan is a Defined Contribution Pension Plan serving members for over 25 years. The SARC Pension Plan has over 100 divisions encompassing more than 4,200 individual plan members. At March 31, 2018, the SARC Pension Plan had assets in excess of $85 million and the return on the Balanced Fund, which holds the majority of the participant funds, had an annual return of 3.3% with an 8.1% return over 5 years.

The SARC Pension Plan is a registered pension plan with a 4% employee contribution and a 4% employer match. There are 6 fund options available for plan members to choose from, including  the Money Market Fund, Canadian Fixed Income Fund, Balanced Fund, Aggressive Balanced Fund, Canadian Equity Fund and the MFS LifePlanTM  retirement funds. The current service provider is The Co-operators.

The SARC Pension Plan is available to all SARC Members.

Contact Information:

If you are interested in joining the SARC Pension Plan and are looking for more information, please contact Roxanne Peters, Director of Finance at 306-933-0616 ext. 226 or by email.

If you are a current plan member and have administrative inquiries, please contact John Friesen, Manager, Payroll & Benefits at 306-933-0616 ext. 233 or by email

If you are a SARC Member, you can access additional information on SARC’s pension plan via the Member Manager Resource Area.


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