Employee Group Benefit Plans

Participation in the Group Benefit Plans is open to all SARC Members. Across the various plans, there are currently over 110 participating employers and nearly 2,000 employees receiving coverage. SARC administers three benefit plans; one of these plans (Plan #102688) is open to new members. The current service provider is Sun Life Financial.

The Base Plan consists of:

Additional coverage options are:

Organizations can customize the plan with coverage that suits their needs and meets their budget. Once enrolled and plan options have been chosen, an organization is considered a “participating employer”. A participating employer may enhance the plan option choices at any time after having joined the plan; however, it cannot revert back to a lesser coverage. For example, if a participating employer chooses to add STD, it does not have the option to discontinue it.

The Advantages of Participating in SARC’s Benefits Program

By collectively joining forces as an association, the benefits plan available through SARC offers the following to its Members:

  1. Economies of scale of insurer expenses – The larger a group size, the lower the expenses required by the insurer to administer the benefit program which means less premium is used to cover administrative expenses. 
  2. Favourable coverage levels – Basic Life and LTD are eligible for higher maximums, since the risk can be spread over more people.
  3. Sharing the risk saves money – Larger employer groups have access to more options and can share the risk which results in lower costs.
  4. Rate stability – With a large plan risks are spread across a large population that leads to better rate stabilization
  5. Favorable negotiation position – SARC’s plan has over 60 CBOs and 2,000 members, all with one insurance company, which allows for stronger negotiation in renewal actions. 
  6. Flexibility and choice – You can choose to add one or all of Short Term Disability (STD), Extended Health Care (EHC), Vision Care, Family Dental, Dependent Life and Optional Life if you would like to increase the benefit plan offering. 

Contact Information:

If you are interested in joining the SARC Group Benefits Plan and are looking for more information, please contact Edith Crespin, Manager of Human Resources at 306-933-0616 ext. 250 or by email.

If you are a current plan member and have administrative inquiries, please contact John Friesen, Manager, Payroll & Benefits at 306-933-0616 ext. 233 or by email

If you are a SARC Member, you can access additional information on SARC’s benefit plans via the Member Manager Resource Area.


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