SARC Insurance Programs

SARC offers two types of insurance programs:

1. Property and Liability Insurance

2. Directors & Officers Liability Insurance


Advantages of SARC Insurance Programs

Participating in the SARC Insurance Programs provide 3 main advantages:

1. Expertise and Innovation


2. Premium Savings and Stability


3. Claims Experience and Expertise


Property and Liability Insurance 

Coverage highlights of the SARC Property & Liability Insurance Program include but are not limited to:


The Property and Liability Insurance Program is available to SARC Regular and Associate Members.


Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Coverage highlights of the SARC Directors & Officer Liability Insurance Program include but not limited to:


The Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Program is available to all SARC Members.


Contact Information:

If you are interested in participating in SARC's Insurance Programs and are looking for more information, please contact Melanie Weiss, Director of Member Services at 306-933-0616 ext. 245 or by email.

If you are a current policy holder and have administrative inquiries, please contact:

Butler Byers Insurance

Hernard Chan, Lynn Cross, Caitlin Uzelman, Zabrina Stone, Doug Cummine, Kathie Cummine

Phone: (306) 653-2233 or 1-877-467-7272 (INS-SARC)



History of the SARC Insurance Programs

The SARC Property and Liability Insurance Program was initiated by SARC as an overall Insurance review.  It determined that many SARC Member Agencies were either over-insured or under-insured and in most cases coverages were inadequate.

An Insurance Committee was formed over 20 years ago consisting of representation from various SARC Member Agencies.  Through membership input over an 18 month period, a program tailored to the diversified needs of the members was developed.  Initially, the deficiencies in coverages were the main concern.  Such deficiencies consisted of no Abuse Coverage, no Dispensing of Medication Coverage, Incorrect Wording for Non-Owned Auto Coverage and many more.

The unusual aspect of the program is that it is very diverse with respect to the operations of the various SARC Members small and large.  The program will provide coverages for, but not limited to, Activity Centres, Group Homes, SARCAN Depots, Independent Living, Workshop/production areas, Retail and Service Operations.

Soon after the Property and Liability program was developed, the SARC Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Program was developed through a similar process.  Upon detailed review, it was determined that there were deficiencies in coverages being obtained through various Insurance Companies.  In order to achieve continuity and the appropriate coverages, a program was developed to address those risk exposures.

Both programs continue to evolve and will continue to do so with the input and participation of the membership.  The programs were initiated, designed and implemented by the Members, for the Members.