Human Resources and Labour Relations

Consultation and Resources for Personnel Management

SARC’s Human Resources and Labour Relations Consultants are on staff to assist Regular and Associate Member Agencies with HR/LR issues.

SARC’s Labour Relations Consultant's Services:

Marrion Wolff, SARC’s Labour Relations Consultant, is on staff to assist Member Agencies with a variety of LR/HR issues, including performance management for unionized and non-unionized organizations and specific supports for unionized organizations. Accessing this service is free of charge and can minimize organizational risk; having a quick check-in with Marrion or a review done before decisions are made can save you time and money in the end. The LR Consultant is also available to facilitate a variety of seminars and workshops in the area of Labour Relations.

Some of the areas that the LR Consultant is available to provide support for include:


SARC's Human Resources Consultant's Services:

Attracting and selecting the right candidates, engaging employees, and reducing turnover can have a major economic impact on an organization.  SARC’s Human Resources Consultant, Leanne Zacharias, works on provincial recruitment/retention initiatives and is available free of charge to assist SARC’s Regular and Associate Members who would like to have additional expertise on a variety of HR topics. 

This is beneficial to organizations that may not have the capacity to have a dedicated Human Resources professional. Organizations with an internal HR professional are also able to collaborate with Leanne on best practices in the sector to strengthen their workforce. Boards of Directors can also receive support from SARC’s HR Consultant when going through the process of hiring a new Executive Director or any other HR responsibilities related to their governance role. 

The HR Consultant can provide assistance in a number of areas, including:


SARC's Careers at a SARC Member organization web page:

SARC's Careers web page is available for SARC Members to use to promote careers within the Disability Services sector. Members can share the web page to their website, to their social channels, or in their newsletters to promote work within the sector. People looking for a job at a SARC Member organization can submit their application on the web page and will be connected to a Member organization who is hiring.

Applications will be forwarded on to the Member organization in their area who is hiring. This service is free of charge for all Regular and Associate SARC Members.