Apply for SARC Membership

Who are SARC Members?

SARC’s history is rooted in the disability services sector; as such, most SARC Members are organizations providing a variety of services to people experiencing intellectual or developmental disability.

SARC’s Affiliate Membership category (open to any nonprofit organization with an expressed interest in SARC) continues to grow, as many of the services offered to SARC Members are applicable to any nonprofit organization. With five decades as a Membership Association specializing in training, consultation, services, and leadership, SARC has the track record and experience to support your organization’s commitment to service excellence.  

Why should I become a SARC Member?

Many of the benefits that are included with SARC Membership can provide a significant return on investment for your organization.  Along with the economic benefits, when you become a SARC Member, you are joining a strong network of like-minded individuals and organizations who strive to provide quality programs and services to the people they support.  SARC holds a variety of training initiatives throughout the year that provide a valuable opportunity to come together and learn from each other.


Does my nonprofit organization qualify for SARC Membership?

Yes! SARC has different categories of membership depending on the type of your organization and the services that you provide. 

Associate Member ($660/year) 

A nonprofit organization whose primary service demographic is adults experiencing intellectual or developmental disabilities.  Must provide at least one of the following services:  day program services, developmental services, residential services. 

Affiliate Member ($475/year) 

Any nonprofit organization with an expressed interest in SARC.

How to become a SARC Member:

If your organization is interested in becoming a SARC Member:

  1. Download the SARC Membership Application FormA representative from your organization will be required to fill out all of the information on the form. 
  2. Submit your completed application form by mail or e-mail to Melanie Weiss, Director of Member Services (SARC mailing address provided on the Membership Application Form).
  3. Attach the following support documentation to your application:
    • Organization’s By-Laws, Mission Statement and Statements of Purpose.
    • A list of current Board of Directors, including their positions and responsibilities.
  4. Membership requires SARC Board approval. You will be notified of the Board’s decision.  If approved, you will be added to the online Membership Directory and will receive a new Member Package that includes information on the various areas of service available to you, and information on how to access the Online Resource Area.

For more information, please contact:

Melanie Weiss, Director of Member Services, at (306) 933-0616 ext. 245 or by email