Facility Planning 

Prevention, Projects, & Planning 

For many Executive Directors/Managers of nonprofit organizations, capital projects and planning is not their area of expertise. Don Epp, Facility Planner, is on staff to provide advice and support on a variety of building matters. This free consulting service is available to organizations that are being supported by Community Living Service Delivery of the Ministry of Social Services to undertake capital projects. 

Projects range from land acquisition, facility purchases, renovations, and new construction.  Listed below are some of the areas Don is available to advise on, along with some of the questions that often surround these areas:

1. Facility development planning –


2. Inspecting existing properties to evaluate suitability for occupancy/renovation –


3. Planning the effective utilization of space and facilities –


4. Providing advice on building codes and government agency building requirements –


5. Providing cost estimates for new builds or capital improvement –


6. Providing aid in preparation for occupancy –


Capital projects are a major investment for your organization, and Don is able to provide advice during the process. Having this support on-hand benefits organizations, as priorities can be identified and options can be provided in long-term capital planning. 


Preventative Maintenance

Don has also created a blog series of helpful checklists and tips for preventative maintenance.  From tips on fire safety, protecting your plumbing, accessibility, and everything in between – Don has the advice you need to help protect your organization from expensive repair costs by doing regular maintenance.

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