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Farm in the Dell Inc

Executive Director: Lynette Zacharias
Address: Box 187 S0K 0A0
Phone: 306-370-2727

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Boissevain, MB

Prairie Partners Inc.

Executive Director: Jason Dyck
Address: Box 1116 R0K 0E0
Phone: 204-534-7093

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Brandon, MB

COR Enterprises Inc.

Executive Director: Terri Sylvius
Address: 364 Park Avenue East R7A 7A8
Phone: 204-728-2932

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Columbian Industries

Executive Director: Ruth Harman
Address: 717 1st Ave. & Kotelko P.O. Box 548 S0K 1B0
Phone: 306-256-3338

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Dauphin, MB

Parkland Residential & Vocational Services Inc.

Executive Director: Darrin Clinton
Address: 424 1st Avenue NE  R7N 1A9
Phone: 204-638-8901

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Southeast Advocates for Employment

Executive Director: Debbie Hagel
Address: 1112 6th Street S4A 1A8
Phone: 306-634-9554

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Estevan Diversified Services

Executive Director: Trisha Salmers
Address: 1339 - 6th Street S4A 1B2
Phone: 306-634-5575

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Grandview, MB

Grandview Gateways Inc.

Executive Director: Carolyn Crossley
Address: Box 307, 221 Roland Avenue  R0L 0Y0
Phone: 204-546-2890

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Gravelbourg Bon Ami Inc

Executive Director: Liette Skagen
Address: 405 1st Avenue East, PO Box 822 S0H 1X0
Phone: 306-648-3166

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Hospice St. Marie Bernard Inc

Executive Director: Tania Hearn
Address: Box 99 S0A 1E0
Phone: 306-794-2088

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Sunshine Housing Inc

Executive Director: Jenn Rutka
Address: Box 468 S0K 1X0
Phone: 306-225-4477

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Shepherd's Villa Inc

Executive Director: Jean-Yves Marsolais
Address: Box 10 S0K 1Z0
Phone: 306-947-2107

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Herbert Group Home Inc

Executive Director: Raegan Minifie
Address: Box 578 S0H 2A0
Phone: 306-784-3433

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Humboldt and District Community Services Inc

Executive Director: Juanine Korte
Address: 623 - 7th Street Box 1355 S0K 2A0
Phone: 306-682-1455

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Futuristic Industries

Executive Director: Ray Whitton
Address: Box 340, 629 - 2nd Street S0K 2A0
Phone: 306-682-2822

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Ile a la Crosse

Sakitawak Group Home Inc

Executive Director: Cindy Hodgson
Address: Box 10 S0M 1C0
Phone: 306-833-3004

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Deer Park Villa Inc

Executive Director: Amanda Beltrand
Address: Box 646 S0A 1N0
Phone: 306-795-3154

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West Central Abilities Inc

Executive Director: Kim Edmunds
Address: Box 1626, 1001 - 7th Avenue S0L 1S0
Phone: 306-463-2727

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Kipling Industries

Executive Director: Chris Weeding
Address: Box 747, 200 4th St South S0G 2S0
Phone: 306-736-8461

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Harvest Community Inc

Executive Director: Nadine Zettl
Address: PO Box 400 S0G 2T0
Phone: 306-781-2801

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