Direct Support Professional

As a direct support worker I am able to make a positive difference in the lives of people.  That is important to me.  Supporting adults with intellectual disabilities to live happier and more productive lives through guidance, mentorship, and camaraderie is endlessly rewarding.  Empowering people who have been historically marginalized to become active community members makes me proud to be part of the process.  Throughout my 24 year career I have been given opportunities to recognize the uniqueness of each person I have had the honour to support and allow them to express their individual gifts and talents.  That, I feel, is my greatest accomplishment.  Working as a direct support worker has taught me the true meaning of determination, selflessness, and unconditional acceptance.

 Sheri, Direct Support Worker - Cosmopolitan Industries


COR has helped me improve my person centered thinking and given me the opportunity to use my empathy to help improve the quality of peoples’ lives.

 Koby, Support Personnel - Creative Options Regina


I love the smiles on the faces of everyone in Valley Action.  Smiles on the faces of the people I support and staff.  I love that people experiencing disabilities can be some of the most honest people that you’ll ever meet.  I love that I was able to teach a few of them how to skate.  I’m an outdoors person, and Valley Action goes on camping trips.  So I love sitting around the fire and canoeing with them.  The reward that means the most are the smiles.  I have learned we all need help one way or another.

 Ken, Direct Care Worker - Valley Action Abilities


I have been working in this career for almost 15 years.  I think it is the most wonderful rewarding job I have ever had.  Each day brings a new challenge, at the program I work for I find the participants teach me just as much as I teach them.  I really appreciate their honesty, and ability to say it like they see it.  I have learned to be patient as some cannot express their needs and wants very easily.  They are the most fun, loving, and honest people I have ever had the honor to meet and work with.  If you have ever experienced the feeling of being known, noticed, and missed, you don’t know what you are missing.  In the summer of 2018 I had surgery and had to be away from work for almost 3 months.  When I returned I received so many hugs and people saying how much they missed me.  It brought such happy tears, and my heart was filled with such joy and the feeling of being loved.  I have had a few jobs in my life time, but none as fulfilling as the one I am in right now.  I have found my forever career.

 Debbie, Direct Support Worker - Cosmopolitan Industries


I love being able to assist individuals to lead the life they want to.  To see their view of themselves become more positive is so rewarding.  To be a part of each person’s growth is more than I can ask for.  I am honored to be accepted by each person as a part of their lives.  I feel each person should have an equal opportunity and unfortunately sometimes that is not the case.  Advocating in the best interest of each person can hopefully bring more opportunities.  Employment, education, independence, and self-esteem are things every person is entitled to.  Helping people with disabilities achieve those goals, and seeing the happiness they create for themselves is so great.  I only hope they see me as I see them and I exceed their expectations as they have exceeded mine.

 Lee, Mental Health and Addictions Worker - NorthSask Special Needs


What I like is having a job that helps other people.  Having a learning disability, I find it easier and more rewarding helping individuals with a disability, than spending my day making money for other people.  I was put on this earth to make the world a better place.  They have taught me more than I would ever be able to teach them.  For example, it is the simple things in life that matters.

 Richard, Direct Support Worker - Cosmopolitan Industries


I love walking in the door to warm, smiling, welcoming faces!  Our residents are fun and caring.  Working with them has become less of a job and more like spending time with my family.  I care about all of them…we get to go out and have fun all while doing our job.  Every day I go home I get the rewarding feeling that I have made someone’s day better.  Our residents are truly amazing!  I wouldn’t change it for the world.

 Karin, Direct Support Worker - Wynyard C.A.R.R.E.S.


Team Leader

I love working at COR because it's flexible, challenging, and they value my input. At COR, everyone has a say and that impacts the work environment. The rewards are seeing challenges and either overcoming them or seeing a new perspective in life. I love working with people with disabilities because it is fun getting to know other people and being able to impact their life just like they impact mine.

 Krystel, Team Lead - Creative Options Regina


Program Coordinator

Whether clients say it or not, if you treat them with dignity, and support them as best as you can, they will be thankful and appreciative of you. You are doing something worthwhile that will have a lasting impression. There is no better drive or motivation, if only to be a better person each day, and do something that is beyond yourself.

 Jesse, Program Coordinator - Multiworks Corporation


Learn something new every day!  Finding new activities in the community for participants to take part in is rewarding.  This job suits my home life well.  I have a daughter with disabilities and this job permits me to be at home with her when school is done.  My employer is flexible when I need to be with her.  Working here has taught me different approaches and more patience.

 Mel, Day Program Manager - NorthSask Special Needs


Executive Director

I love my career - no two days are ever the same!   I knew I always wanted to work with people and to make a difference in their lives. What I never expected was how much my life would be positively impacted by both those with disabilities that I have had the honor to work with or the many staff.  There are many things I am proud of however it is the staff’s passion and commitment to make a difference each and every day for our participants that is indescribable. I have worked at the same organization for over 28 years and the opportunities to gain experience in so many roles has been incredible.  They say if you love your job it never feels like work - I understand that!  Consider a career with a SARC Member, I highly recommend it!

 Sharlene, Executive Director - Cosmopolitan Industries


Working for Deer Park Villa Inc., in a field that I love, with people that I admire and respect on both a professional and personal level makes me feel accomplished and extremely fortunate. I have worked my way up to Chief Executive Officer and feel privileged in gaining the respect and teamwork of my colleagues over the 19 years I’ve been with the company. The most valuable lessons I have learnt in my years with the agency come not from the educational courses I have taken, but rather from the individuals with disabilities themselves, which make working in this field a rewarding experience daily.

 Crystal, Chief Executive Officer - Deer Park Villa Inc.


I previously worked in the school system with children with disabilities. When I made the move into this position I was really not sure what to expect. Well, now…I would not have changed a thing about my decision. I love the feeling of knowing that I am making a difference in someone’s life. I cherish the friendships that I have made along the way and know that I am cherished too. I believe whole heartily that people with disabilities are people - period. We all have gifts to share and it’s been an awesome journey. I look forward to many more years in this field.

 Lana, Executive Director - Southwest Homes