Facility Planning

Are You Renovation Ready? Part 1: Planning Your Project

By Don Epp, SARC Facility Planner Every home or building owner knows that renovations are a necessity for their building over the course of time. Items wear out, the purpose of rooms change, or the needs of the people using the space have adjusted. Renovations can replace items at the end of their lifespan, rejuvenate […]
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National AccessAbility Week - May 26 - June 1

By Don Epp, SARC Facility Planner The Government of Canada has declared the last week in May (May 26 – June 1) as National AccessAbility Week. The goal is to promote accessibility and inclusion across our country through our communities. Accessibility and inclusion are important topics in the Disability Services sector and creating more accessible spaces […]
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Fire Inspection Documentation

By Don Epp, SARC Facility Planner Did You Know?: Group home, group living homes, and approved private service home operators are required to renew their licensing agreement with the Ministry of Social Services annually. These licensing agreements, as outlined in the Residential-services Facilities Regulations, requires a letter of approval from the local assistant to the Fire […]
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Fire Safety Is Life Safety

By Don Epp, SARC Facility Planner There has been a lot of talk in the sector recently about fire safety, and here’s why: On January 1st, 2018 Saskatchewan adopted National Building Code (NBC) 2015 and National Fire Code (NFC) 2015 into law. The changes to fire safety and fire sprinklers requirements affect group homes throughout […]
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What Makes a Bathroom Accessible?

By Don Epp, SARC Facility Planner One of the most common inquiries I receive from Members is – how do I make our bathrooms more accessible? Often an accessible bathroom is a deciding factor whether a resident can be supported in a home or not. In this article, I will review some ideas that have […]
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Ramp Up Your Safety With a Slip Resistant Surface

By Don Epp, SARC Facility Planner Wheelchair ramp safety is an important concern for many organizations. The risk of slipping while traveling on a wheelchair ramp can be high if you have not taken any precautions. Rain in the summer and the buildup of snow and ice in the winter can make travelling on wheelchair […]
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