Spring Cleaning - 3 Essential Maintenance Tips
07 Apr 2016
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By: Don Epp


Spring is often associated with freshness, regrowth and renewal.  Warmer weather and longer days are signals for us to forget about winter and focus on the brighter days ahead. 

Winter can be harsh on a building.  Strong winds, blowing snow, ice, and extreme cold all have the potential to create damage to your building.  Now is the time to let the sun shine in and take stock of what needs to be done to get your house out of the grip of winter. Here are a few tips that focus on a few potential problem areas:



1. Interior – Renewal from the inside-out.

Winter can slowly seep away into spring and into the basement.  Spring is a good time to inspect the interior and do major cleaning, especially on items that are often overlooked.

  • Check the basement for any signs of leaks, especially around windows. 
  • Test your sump pump and make sure it can safely move water away from the building.
  • Check your windows and make sure that they can open. A bit of silicone spray on the opening mechanism or hinge points can ensure smooth operation.  Take time to clean the edges of the window and inside of the frame as well.
  • Don’t forget to clean the ceiling fans, vacuum out the fridge coils, and wipe away any residue on the door seals of the dishwasher and washing machine.


2. Exterior – Inspect the outside-in.

Inspect the exterior of the house and grounds:

  • Make sure all the downspouts are moving water well away from the building.
  • Check the grading around the perimeter of the house as water should easily run away from the foundation. 
  • Make sure that the bottom of the siding is not covered, the drainage holes need to “breathe” and allow water to drain away from behind the siding.
  • Window wells should be inspected and cleaned of any debris.
  • Spring is a good time to prune some branches off trees and shrubs especially if the branches are rubbing against the siding or the roof. 
  • The AC condenser could be checked and cleaned of any debris that may have gathered over winter.
  • Inspect the caulking around all the windows and doors.  The caulking should not have any cracks or gaps in it and should be replaced as needed.
  • Inspect wooden trim boards around windows and doors.  Loose paint will need to be scraped off and re-painted.  There should be no bare wood exposed around windows and doors to avoid water damage. 
  • Take time to sweep the deck and sidewalks.  On the deck look for loose and rotting boards, and nails heads or screws that may be sticking out. Also check the steps or railings for stability and look for potential sliver hazards on the handrails. Repair as needed.


3. Roof – Check the overhead view

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From the ground, view the roof; you may need to walk across the street to see the shingles clearly.  Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Shingles - Look for places where shingles have blown away or have been broken.
  • Flashing – Observe that the flashing around the edge of the roof is firmly attached.
  • Eaves trough - Check to see if there is a gap between the roof and the eaves trough. The eaves trough should be straight and should slope towards the downspout.
  • Chimney – Look at the chimney and see if the cap on the top is still in place.

Following these tips will help you have a smooth transition into spring as potential problems can be addressed before they become an issue.

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