Re-focus, Re-group & Review – How to Prepare the Board for a Busy Fall
03 Aug 2017
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Coming back from summer always feels like a fresh start. Optimize this renewed energy with the Board of Directors by having a strong plan in place for the busy months ahead.  Start the fall off right, by focusing on Board development. Keep the “3 R’s” in mind – Re-focus, Re-group, Review, when getting going:



With Board Directors ready to get back at it, use this time to revitalize the Board and prepare it to be successful in the upcoming months.

  1. Team Building – bring the Board back together with a team building activity or event. Get to know Directors better by taking some time to do something fun. It can be something as simple as having a nice dinner, planning some hilarious team building games, or a night out! 
  2. Goals – to bring back the Board’s focus, have a look at the organization’s strategic goals. Where are you in your current strategic planning cycle? Plan time to go over these goals and evaluate what needs to be accomplished in in the months ahead. Have a look at your vision and mission statements as a reminder of what you are working towards.


After the Board is feeling focused, it is time to put a plan in place.

  1. Board Work Plan – now is a perfect time to update your Board Work Plan for the next year. Using a Board Work Plan is an essential tool to help keep on task. Below is an example of some typical tasks the Board can take on this September.*
    *A full Board Work Plan sample template is one of the many resources included in SARC’s ELEVATE program.
  2. Continuous Learning – professional development is a great way to improve Board dynamics and results in a well-rounded and effective Board. Consider what conferences or learning opportunities Directors would like to attend. Not only does professional development assist in developing a strong cohesive Board, but it also attracts future Board Directors as you build a reputation for encouraging continuous learning.  Some examples of professional development opportunities to consider:
    1. SARC Fall Conference – this two-day conference is held in October of each year, with sessions in various Board development topics and opportunities to network with other Board Directors and nonprofit Managers across Saskatchewan.
    2. ELEVATE – SARC’s online Board development program, taken individually or as a group, this program is an excellent opportunity to supplement your knowledge of governance best practices and the various roles and responsibilities of Board Directors.


Use this fresh start to review your current processes and policies to see if there are any adjustments that can be made.

  1. Financial Statements – it is the responsibility of the entire Board to understand the financial performance of the organization. Review financial information prior to your fall Board meeting, and ensure your financial statements continue to be on track.
  2. Policies – it is considered best practice for the Board to review its policies regularly to ensure they are still relevant and accurate. 
  3. Board Roles Descriptions – review your Board role descriptions so they accurately reflect the responsibilities of each position. Having up-to-date Board role descriptions ensures that each Director can be working to his/her full potential.

By preparing for the busy months ahead, your Board will be more likely to accomplish its goals and make a lasting impact!

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