Reflections on Spring Conference 2013
16 May 2013
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Tomorrow:  Supporting Opportunity for People with Disabilities

If asked I would sum up the Spring Conference in one word, it would be Wow.

Over 250 individuals that work in the Disability Services Sector attended the conference on May 8 and 9, 2013 at the Saskatoon Travelodge Hotel.  With a record-breaking attendance for an audience, the presenters surprised attendees with their straight-forward, honest, and down-to-earth presentations.  Depending on which concurrent session attendees chose, they were given a chance to learn about topics such as Sexuality and Disabilities and Behavioural Supports with Dave Hingsburger, a familiar name in this sector.  Other concurrent sessions were around Employment and People with Disabilities and Sean Wiltshire and Donna Messer touched on networking, statistics, and how to get businesses interested in tapping into the untraditional labour force – people with disabilities. Both the opening and closing keynotes, presented by Sean Wiltshire and Dave Hingsburger, respectively, provided motivation with the message.  The key messages from the conference were: It’s NOT Just A Job and Maintaining Motivation in Human Services. Attendees were left feeling energized and could relate to situations because of the presenters incorporations of personal stories in their presentations.

I would like to share a few comments that came in after the conference:

“The presenters were honest and realistic.  They were easy to relate to”

“Dave (Hingsburger) was very open and engaging.  He told us what we can do better, without making me feel like I did bad.”

“As well as being informative, speakers were hilarious which to me makes it easier to connect, understand and learn.”

I would like to thank everyone that attended, and if you missed this conference, be sure to attend the next one in the Spring of 2014. SARC works hard to bring you presenters and topics that will relate directly to your job – with practical information and tools that you can take back to your respective agencies and use to better support people with disabilities to live the best lives that they can.

Many of you have asked for the PowerPoint slides.  Click below to access:

Sean Wiltshire's Presentation Slides

For inquiries, please email me.

Mindy Bonderoff
Facilitator of Training & Education

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