Quality Life Assistant: A New Level in Service Delivery
26 Nov 2015
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By: Nicole Linzmeyer


If you were able to attend the SARC Fall Conference in October, chances are you were able to meet  Michał Urjasz and Celina Wyczołek, the Quality Life Assistant team, who travelled all the way from Poland to launch the new Agency information management system; Quality Life Assistant.   QLA is an amazing development in the disability services sector because it has the capability to greatly impact the efficacy of organizations through increased efficiency and accuracy.  For those that were unable to attend the conference, I interviewed Michal so that you could learn a little bit more about what exactly QLA is:


1. Can you start by giving a bit of background on QLA such as why it was developed and how the program came to be?

The concept of QLA came to fruition in 2011 when my father, Jan Urjasz visited Saskatchewan.

Jan was interested in learning how SARC operates in Saskatchewan, and wondered how such an organization could be modeled in Poland. Jan is the father of a 34-year-old woman with an intellectual disability.  He is working hard to develop community services for adults with intellectual disabilities in Poland. Jan is also a computer programmer and took interest in the need for case management software specific to organizations in Saskatchewan, which could have the potential to be used in Poland in the future. 


2.  What is QLA and how does it work?

Quality Life Assistant is an integrated family of web-based applications that support the entire process of Agency information management. QLA connects all levels of service delivery including front line support, management, core support team and the funding agent.  It is a very user-friendly program that is customizable to the needs of an organization.


3.  How will QLA benefit organizations?

Using Quality Life Assistant will greatly reduce the amount of time staff spend managing paper documentation. Staff members can quickly access participant information and can easily develop and personalize participant’s plans and transfer them to front line support. Management staff can analyze and visualize key Agency data allowing for more informed decision making.


4. How is QLA used by different levels of staff?

The system has been created in relation to the typical roles that occur in an organization such as: Direct Care Worker, Team Leader, Program Coordinator, Executive Director, Medical Care Team Members, Direct Care Team Members, HR Staff, Social Workers, Family Members, and System Administrators. It also takes into account all important relationships among the roles with regard to the hierarchy of organization (who is the supervisor and who is the supervisee, which staff support which resident, etc.) The system is very flexible in this area and it is possible to add new roles and grant privileges to them.


5.  What are some examples of how QLA can be used to keep track of information?

QLA is unique in that participant’s progress can be tracked in real time. Employees who support residents can report all activities immediately after the activity has occurred. In addition, all events (e.g. incidents, new skills developed) are recorded in the system just after they occur. All data is stored in the database and may be used for charting and report generation. QLA can generate standard reports as well as prepare custom queries.  Query results may be used for electronic or hard copy reports including detailed data, summaries and different types of charts, including:

  • Interaction reports
  • Serious Incident reports
  • Medication errors
  • Seizure activity
  • Daily care
  • Medical appointments history
  • Plan development
  • Participant profiles and plans
  • Profiles Management


Quality Life Assistant is the first of its kind.  Its capabilities offer efficiency, accuracy, and time savings for Community Based Organizations which will create a significant positive impact to the individuals that they support.

If you are interested in learning more about Quality Life Assistant, click here to visit their website.


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