Multiworks Sets the Bar with BST
02 Feb 2017
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This February, 23 Direct Support Workers at Multiworks will begin the Basic Skills Training (BST) program.  This major initiative is sure to benefit the organization in various ways.  By providing this training opportunity to staff, it is anticipated that the quality of supports for clients, as well as staff retention rates will both rise at Multiworks.  When the program is completed, approximately 80% of staff at Multiworks will have completed the BST program.


Multiworks Executive Director, Dave Thickett, stated that “BST is the total package, it’s the training we want everyone to have. If we could hire everyone off the street with BST training, we would.  We like to think of it as the best training that meets our total needs more than any other training out there really, short of technical college education. 

As much as we try to teach people through mentoring or on the job, there is no substitute for covering everything formally and professionally.  As good of a job we think we can do on the fly, there is stuff we are missing and information employees do not have. I think the big winner is of course our participants. It goes without saying that having someone who is more knowledgeable and better able to support someone is a big win for them.

We do bits and pieces of training all the time, one to two day mandatory training, First Aid training for example. BST is much more involved, it is more comprehensive, longer, and a bigger commitment.  With the better training, it is our goal to have a large portion of the 23 learners choose to make this their vocation and do it for an extended period rather than a couple of years. Over the course of the program, we are going to look at the new pool of trainees to see if there is someone who has tutoring skills and has the potential to be a future BST Tutor.”



Multiworks has a strong strategy in place for the future sustainability of the organization by improving the quality of supports provided to clients, as well as having a solid retention and succession plan in place through committing to the professional development of their staff. 


Brittney McLeod-Rowland, “I'm excited to take the BST program because it will increase my knowledge of how to assist and teach people with different disabilities,” Multiworks Direct Support Worker said. “I've been working for Multiworks Corporation for two years now and I feel like there's always room for improvement in different aspects of this job. Every day I learn what works with some clients, may not work with others. Everyone is so different and react differently so I'm hoping this program will give me more techniques and help me with teaching everyday skills to the clients. Every training course Multiworks has offered has always been successful in educating me more about my role as a Direct Support worker. Knowing that most of my co-workers will be taking the BST program with me makes me eager to see what the future holds for Multiworks.


We look forward to seeing the many positive outcomes that will result from this initiative! 


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