Morgan Stumborg: One of Humboldt's Finest!
10 Jul 2015
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By: Sydney Smith

Everyone has a story to tell.

SARC’s new ongoing blog series shares the stories of some of the folks that are served by SARC Member Agencies. There are so many accomplishments and success stories that come out of our sector every day, and we are proud of the opportunity to share some of these stories with you!

Morgan Stumborg works at the Michel’s Industries in St. Gregor, just outside of Humboldt, in central Saskatchewan. I got the chance to come to Morgan’s work to take photos of him, hard at work, for our new Supported Employment network website (EmployLink—Stay tuned this fall!). The more I spoke with Morgan, the more interested I was in what he does, not only in terms of employment, but his genuine interest in creating awareness for employment for people of all abilities. Morgan is friendly and dynamic, and has a very thought-provoking perspective on the importance of work. He is an advocate for people with Cerebral Palsy. He creates awareness and is a shining example of someone who has taken life by the reins and created a very bright future for himself. 

My visit with Morgan was cut short because he was at work, and we were working on a tight schedule ourselves. But I left wanting to know more about him. It was obvious by my brief conversation with him that he cares about his community and those he works with, but also that his message was one worth spreading. I would not be surprised to see Morgan succeed in public speaking, sharing his story and creating inspiration for people. In the meantime, here is a little bit more about him:

Morgan has worked at Michel’s for the past three years where he builds combine hoods and kits, “I make bolt bags, hood opener kits. I help in all kinds of different areas!” Every day of work is different for him as part of working in a team environment involves jumping into different areas and helping people to get caught up on their work.

Morgan has gotten to where he is today by not giving up and working diligently to achieve his goals.  He is working towards saving up to buy a house with a garage he can work out of, including a vehicle lift to do auto body repairs for all kinds of different vehicles.  To achieve this he also often works odd jobs; he is currently jip-rocking at the Humboldt and District Community Services building.

In five years Morgan sees himself getting married and having kids.  He also wants to continue to be able to help people with Cerebral Palsy and get them the help that they need.  As a key advocate for people with disabilities a key message that Morgan wishes to share is “You have to be always willing to learn. Open to different kinds of people, try new things, etc.”

During our phone interview, Morgan told me that he braids things in order to keep his motor skills up and going and that he would send me one of the key chains he makes by braiding. When it arrived, I was so happy! It is very intricate and detailed and it looks like he spent a lot of time making it! Morgan, in his humble way, simply said he liked to braid. Little did I know, he has expertise that is phenomenal in working with his hands.  Morgan will go very far in whatever he chooses to do in his life. His dedication and determination are an inspiration.


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