Med Assist's Top 6 New Features
03 May 2017
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Earlier this week, we announced that based on the feedback provided from past learners, the Medication Assistance program had been newly updated! The program, called Med Assist, is hosted on a new platform and as a result we were able to enhance the program for an improved user experience.

Here are the top 6 new features to the program:  

  1. Faster and smoother process from start (registration) to finish (printing Certificate of Completion).  The employee or supervisor can register for the program quickly and easily, and will have instant access to the program after registration.
  2. New content, including more in-depth information on how to implement the 6 Rights of Medication Assistance at all stages, and anaphylaxis.
  3. The content was refreshed to be more easily understood by employees who do not have medical training.
  4. Supervisors Guide – This helpful guide has been developed as a tool for supervisors to implement the on-site portion of Med Assist Training.  The guide includes details on administering the program, how to provide hands-on-training at your organization specific to each client, evaluation, and more.  This guide will assist an organization in developing and implementing a comprehensive medication assistance training program.   
  5. Updated demonstration videos that feature clients and employees from a SARC Member Agency.  Thanks to Interlake Human Resources Inc. for their fabulous acting skills!
  6. New look – We are pleased to have a new logo and design.  This new look is sure to catch your eye while taking the program! 


Med Assist is an online program that can be accessed at any time and completed at each individual’s own pace.  Geared toward employees who don’t have medical training, this program consists of 7 modules that outline practical information on best practices in assisting clients with medication. For more information, visit If you have any questions about Med Assist you can also contact at any time!

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