Gearing up for the Pilot Phase - Updating the Standardized Admission Process
14 Dec 2018
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By Lisa Malowany, Program Manager and Trainer

In September, we shared some of the updates to the Standardized Admission Process. We are currently preparing for a pilot phase of the project and would like to detail some of our next steps.


2008: SARC's Membership passes a resolution at the AGM regarding the need for a Standardized Admission Process.

2009: SARC, its Members, and the Ministry of Social Services create the Standardized Admission Working Group and launch the Standardized Admission Process.

2018: In December 2018, Standardized Admission Working Group reconvenes. The working group reviews and updates the process along with relevant documents.

Why A Review?

The goal of the review was to bring the Standardized Admission Process and documents up-to-date to reflect current best practices in the disability services sector. The focus of the review was two-fold. First, we focused on keeping person-centeredness and community-based programming at the forefront. Second, we focused on making the process user-friendly for everyone involved, including:

• The person applying for service,

• Their family or support network,

• The SARC Member’s Program Committee,

• The Ministry of Social Services.

Why The Process Is Effective

The Standardized Admission Process supports successful transitions. This ensures organizations receive consistent and relevant client information. This information allows them to make informed decisions about their capacity to provide support to people experiencing disability. 

What’s Next?

Recently the Standardized Admission Working Group revised all forms and associated documents in preparation for the pilot phase. All documents will be finalized by early 2019.

The pilot phase is anticipated to last for approximately 6-9 months, with the possibility of extension. The pilot phase will allow selected organizations to fully test the process and allow for use of the documents in real life situations. Upon completion, there will be an evaluation. This evaluation phase will take place before full implementation of the updated process.

Organizations involved in the pilot project will be selected and invited by March 2019.

Keep an eye out for more information to come.

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact Lisa Malowany at

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