09 Sep 2013
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In the last 45 years, the disability services sector has seen incredible change, from the types of services offered, to the way individuals are supported.  

For the next six weeks, SARC will be featuring guest bloggers who will share retrospectives on the sector, from staff who offer direct support, to parents, to board members, agency managers, and everything in between.  

We hope you enjoy this blog series on the history of our sector.  As we celebrate all of the positive growth and changes we've seen over the years, we still will perservere to ensure ongoing growth and development stays at the forefront of the sector. 


Adventures in the Field

by Shelley Raymond, Redvers Activity Centre

When I was young I always knew I wanted a career in the the field of working with people with disablities. I started my job straight out of high school. I was involved in the coming home staying home proect. I worked at Mcbain group home for 8 years before I started at the Redvers Activity Centre day program.

Our agency was still a workshop, so bringing in a developmental program was new and challenging. I had Senior staff that were used to the workshop capable clients. It took sometime to adjust and soon the reality of a workshop atmosphere changed and the relaxed enhanced  quality of life was adapted.

Our agency became a vocational program in 1995. Gone was the rigid workplace and the ehancement of quality of life started. A pilot project of Supported Employment began in 1990.

We had individuals placed in various jobs in town and surrounding areas. Unfortunately due to lack of long term support funding many of the individuals we support jobs were not sustained. It has been many years since then and the supported employment program has evolved. The improved funding for long term support has given the individuals we support what is needed to allow the job coach to stay in contact longer. It allows us to  provide continunous training and support they need to sustain the job.

I started my 25th year on June 19th/2013. I couldnt imagine choosing any other career. i have been through many ups and downs in this job, I have seen hundreds of staff come and go.  But most importantly I have enjoyed working every min. The people we serve are "People first" .To see a smile on a face, to see them SUCCEED is what keeps me going!!


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