Celebrate Success 2017 - On the Road Part One
23 Aug 2017
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It sure feels great to be back on the road filming for the Celebrate Success Awards once again this summer. So far, we have had the chance to meet two of the four Al McGuire Award recipients, both with a unique story.

Laurie Adrian is the recipient of the Al McGuire Award for Life Skills Enhancement. It was so great to hear from Miranda Wood-Sparrow and Adrienne Hepp at the Saskatchewan Abilities Council, Saskatoon Branch, about the recent progress Laurie has made at the Quality of Life Centre. When she first started attending the program, she preferred to spend more time by herself, watching movies and not really participating in the many activities and outings that the Quality of Life program had going on. Now she refers to everyone who attends the Centre as her friend and has been trying a lot of new things. She also has started to participate in the activities and outings that the Quality of Life Centre coordinates.

Laurie always has a couple of her favourite books on hand!

Adrienne mentioned one thing that she believes is the key to Laurie’s success is that Laurie initiated many of these changes on her own by having a very positive attitude. Laurie will often use positive self-talk when she is feeling nervous about something, and this is how she has faced many of her fears. We saw this when we went with the group to the Walter Lane Intended Community for an art workshop. There were dogs and goats running around, which Laurie was nervous about, but she kept reminding herself that the animals were friendly which gave her the courage to walk up to the dogs and pet them. It’s so great to see how Laurie maintains a positive attitude and is willing to step out of her comfort zone more and more!

Our second trip was to Cudworth, where we met this year’s recipient of the Move to Independent Living award, Eugene. Eugene started living independently at 75 years old with the support of Columbian Industries. Now 77, Eugene lives in his own house that he loves to take care of. As soon as we met Eugene, we knew we were in for a great day. He is always smiling and laughing, his happiness is contagious!

One of the first things we learned about Eugene is that he loves to shop and go to garage sales. He showed us all of the items he has picked out for his house, including artwork and furniture. He definitely has some great style! 

It’s evident how much Eugene loves to live on his own as he takes great pride in taking care of his home. Not only is his house spotless, he takes very good care of the outside as well. He loves to mow his lawn and water his flowers. In the winter, he is very diligent with shoveling snow and keeping his sidewalk clear.

Behind the scenes - Eugene watering his plants for the video

It was also great to see how Eugene is so involved with the community and how he likes to attend the many activities and events that Columbian Industries has planned. From going to dances and flea markets to having guests over for a game of Checkers, Eugene has a very busy social calendar!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Laurie and Eugene, we are really looking forward to seeing you both at the Celebrate Success Awards banquet this October!

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