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26 Jun 2013
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Caring Careers is here to answer job search needs in the disability services sector

  • I want to find a job helping people, and need more information. Where can I go?


  • I’m looking for a job, but there are no new postings.  Can I upload my resume for consideration?
  • I don’t know much about what a Caring Career is. Can I get a realistic preview of a career in the disability services sector?


  • There are too many job sites online. Is there a central place to find jobs available in the disability services sector?


  • I run a SARC Member Agency. How do I find a qualified employee to support the people we work with?

The answer to these questions and more is available at! is an exciting and important tool for people who are looking to start a career in the disability services sector, as it connects job seekers with SARC Member Agencies looking to hire great new employees.

The website contains the latest job postings in the sector from SARC Member Agencies across the province.  It also has career resources, testimonials, and videos that provide a realistic view of what the job is all about.  In addition to applying for specific job postings, job seekers will also have the ability to upload their resume for consideration from agencies throughout Saskatchewan.

SARC Member Agencies provide a wide range of employment for people with varying skills sets and competencies, from Direct Support Professionals and Program Coordinators to the Executive Director.  The work is all about supporting individuals with based on their specific needs and goals. It ranges from day-to-day support to the achievement of significant milestones, such as obtaining employment or living independently. It is about dignity, respect, and everyone enjoying citizenship in our communities.

Join us on SARC social media at and and help us to spread the word about!

Click here to read the official News Release.  



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