6 Creative Ways to Recruit New Board Directors
09 Mar 2017
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You’ve posted your Board vacancies on your organization’s website and social media pages.  You’ve spread the word amongst your community.  It’s been months, you feel like you have done everything you can with your time and resources – yet you still can’t find suitable candidates to fill the space on your Board.

Recruiting new Board Directors can be challenging for many Boards; however, if your Board is finding it difficult to find quality candidates it may be time to think more creatively about how you are reaching out to the community.

Having a recruitment strategy in place is an integral part of having a healthy, sustainable Board.  Attracting quality, new Board Directors to the organization provides new ideas and fresh perspectives.

There are many strategies a Board can utilize to recruit new Directors. Including:


1. Focusing on targeted recruitment –

If you want a specific skill set/profession on the Board (i.e. Accountant), plan/host an event targeting that particular group.


2. Advertising/writing an article in your organization’s newsletter or other community publications – 

Distribute widely and be sure to include a picture of the Board.


3. Reading the newspaper for retirement announcements –

That individual may be looking for ways to fill his/her time.


4. Inviting interested and knowledgeable community members to serve on individual Board committees –

While they may not be ready to fully commit to serving on the Board, this is a great way to get them through the door and interested in the organization. It also brings new vitality and creativity to an organization whose volunteers may be feeling stretched thinly.


5. Cultivating relationships with young people –

University students, young professionals, etc., who may be looking for leadership opportunities and experiences, and a way to be more involved in their community.


6. Organizing a ‘Board Director Swap’ –

Have current Board Directors contact and meet with leaders (i.e. Board Chairperson) from four or five local community-based organizations. Over coffee, Board Directors can then suggest that the two organizations recommend ‘retiring’ Board Directors to one another. This is a great way to build the pool of potential Board candidates, as well as strengthen and build community ties. 

These are just a few ways that you can creatively recruit new Board Directors. For a complete, detailed guide, we have made one of the resources from the ELEVATE program available to download below.  The Board Recruitment Package outlines a process for recruiting and orientating volunteers, and contains a variety of useful resources including:

  • A Board recruitment process – step by step.
  • Board recruitment package examples.
  • A variety of templates and samples.
  • Board Director role descriptions.

While Board recruitment can be a challenge, it is essential to building organizational leadership and sustainability. 

Board Recruitment Package - Downloadable Resource

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