5 Tips to Becoming an Outstanding Leader at Your Organization
23 Jul 2015
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By: Nicole Linzmeyer


Strong leadership is essential for an organization to run smoothly.  While managers and Board Members play an important role in maintaining an organization, it is the demonstration of strong leadership from all levels of employees that is required to have an effective team. 

Here are 5 tips that you can start doing now to become an excellent leader at your organization:


  1. Communicate Effectively – There are many different types of communication, all of which are necessary in strengthening your leadership skills.  Strong verbal communication is essential when speaking with co-workers on both a professional and personal level.   It is also key to develop your writing skills in order to communicate your ideas as clearly as possible. Non-verbal communication is equally as important.  Remember that your body language portrays very important information to colleagues.  When you are aware of this you can begin to communicate that you are a leader by using appropriate gestures and proper posture. 


  1. Be a Role Model – Be aware that your behavior and what you say influences the attitudes of the people you work with.  If you place value in certain actions like strong communication and closely following procedures, the individuals you are working with will take notice in that value.  Being a role model in your organization will demonstrate strong leadership qualities, and improve the effectiveness of your organization.


  1. Become a Good Listener – Developing excellent listening skills helps create a healthy work place and a strong level of understanding among co-workers.  You must have patience and put in a conscious effort to be a good listener. Though this is an essential skill to be a good leader, this is often a skill that gets neglected.


  1. Be Proactive – Do not always expect that someone else will step in to do something.  If you notice a problem—fix it.  If you see a way that something could be done more effectively, suggest it.  Being proactive means improving a situation before it becomes a problem.


  1. Be a Team Player - Help others to succeed using teamwork and collaboration.  Take the lead in creating an inclusive environment for all of your co-workers.  Ask people questions and provide them with encouragement.  These steps will lead to a positive work environment that will create successes in your organization.   When a member of your team is successful, the team as a whole is successful as well.  


There are many different ways that you can continue to develop your leadership skills including; reading relevant books on leadership, finding a mentor to provide you with honest feedback, or taking advantage of training opportunities.  SARC offers a number of professional development and training opportunities throughout the year including the Leadership Excellence Advancement Program (LEAP) which is now open for registration. 

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