2019 SARC Awards

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The SARC Awards Banquet was held on October 30, 2019, where we presented six awards to people and organizations that have accomplished great things in their communities. Watch the stories of this year's recipients.  Awards categories include:

  • The Good Neighbour Award - presented to someone who loves spending time contributing to their community and shares their interests and skills to positively impact others.

  • The Spotlight Award - awarded to someone that is passionate about a particular interest area and is continually working towards developing those skills that go along with it.

  • The Great Work Award - presented to individuals in all employment scenarios, including: a transition (a “first job” story), skill or career progression through long-term employment (either with one employer or multiple), or self-employment.

  • The Journey Award - this award is all about an individual’s journey. This could involve a story of personal growth, skill development, overcoming obstacles, or accomplishing long-term goals.  

  • The Community Builder Award - recognizes a valuable community partnership your organization has. 

  • The Inclusive Advantage Award - recognizes an employer that realizes the benefits of hiring people experiencing disability and is committed to an inclusive workforce.