Al McGuire Awards

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For many years, SARC worked in partnership with the family of the late Al McGuire to present the Al McGuire Awards at SARC’s annual banquet. Mr. McGuire served on the SARC Board of Directors for many years, and upon his passing, his family partnered with SARC to create these awards as a way to honour his lifelong dedication to the sector and people experiencing disability. The Al McGuire Awards started as a set of three awards in 1993 and grew to four awards in 2000. They were awarded to people experiencing disability who had achieved milestones and accomplishments in a variety of areas. Below are video vignettes for past recipients – a feature that was established in 2008 in conjunction with SARC’s 40th anniversary. 

These awards were presented through to 2017. In 2018, in conjunction with SARC’s 50th anniversary, the awards program was re-titled as The SARC Awards. As part of that package, four awards for people experiencing disability continue today.