SARC Delivers In-house Training

By Lori Morphy, SARC Trainer/Resource Developer

Do you have staff who are ready to re-energize and build their skill set with quality training? Do you have a culture of learning at your organization and are looking for more opportunities? You likely know that SARC has a wealth of training options, but did you know that some of our training programs can also be delivered to a group of employees at your organization virtually or in person?  

In spring 2021, staff from three organizations got a fresh perspective on person-centred practices by coordinating with SARC’s Education and Training Team to offer virtual Person-centred Essentials (PCE) training to more than sixty (60) Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and supervisors. If you aren’t familiar with the training, Person-centred Essentials is part of the COMPASS Training Package and provides staff with foundational knowledge in person-centred practices, tips to build a person-centred culture within the organization, and an introduction to some of the person-centred tools commonly used in the sector.  

What are the benefits of providing training, in-house, to employees?

As the Executive Director at one of these organizations explained, “It was important for me to have all the staff attend as the training reinforces what we are all about, and what we should be doing when we come to work every day.  When everyone is on the same page there is more opportunity for success. I was hoping to inspire people to want to do more and build on the good things we have in place already.”

Additionally, managers at these organizations noted that training as a team has fostered stronger connections among the staff. One manager shared, “I see staff supporting each other more than ever before. Staff discuss issues and value each other’s opinions… This creates a strong team who care about each other, their thoughts, and their feelings.” 

Another felt the training “empowered everyone with the same information. This results in an increase of a team feeling, which improves staff morale, which reflects onto residents. I see staff asking residents more questions about their needs and wants.  More choices are given to residents.” 

To reinforce the impact of the training, one organization also provided staff with additional exercises to complete after the training, further encouraging them to reflect on what they learned and how they could apply it in their roles.  For more ideas on how to maximize the impact of training, check out SARC’s Transfer of Learning resources.  

Are you interested in hosting a training session at your organization? SARC’s facilitators can bring a number of training options to your organization, virtually and in person. Contact us to find out more!  


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