ELEVATE – A Manitoba Perspective

By Kari Boudreau, SARC Education & Training Assistant

When Abilities Manitoba’s Board of Directors and their Executive Director, Margo Powell, chose to enroll in SARC’s ELEVATE program, they understood that they would be supplementing their current knowledge and gaining more awareness of their governance role.

ELEVATE is a prgram that is specifically designed for nonprofit Boards of Directors to help them administer best practices in order to meet expectations of accountability and responsibility standards in the nonprofit sector. The unique modular method of training for ELEVATE makes the program appealing to most organizations who may not have the time or resources to travel.

Margo noted that a benefit of enrolling in ELEVATE is the flexibility of the program. ELEVATE can be completed at the Board’s preferred pace, over a one year subscription period, which allows for continual access to resources and templates, and the ability to catch new Board Directors up to speed.

Abilities Manitoba chose to complete ELEVATE over a two-day process; they organized a potluck, and spent their time reviewing and discussing content, specifically how they could use the information to grow and evolve their Board or Directors.

The Board found great value in the resulting conversations, which provided an opportunity for all individuals —seasoned and new—to develop new strategies and priorities that have benefitted the strength of the organization.

Margo Powell and her Board highly recommend ELEVATE to other nonprofit Boards of Directors, regardless of which province they’re located in.

As the needs of your industry evolve, so too do the needs of your organization. Supplementing your team of Board Directors with strategic knowledge to better adapt to a changing society will ensure the success and growth of your organization for years to come.

Remember, for elegible SARC Members, ELEVATE is a part of COMPASS. To find out if your organization is eligible for COMPASS, please check out SARC Learning Central.


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