About SARC

What is SARC?

Established in 1968, the Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres (SARC) is a non-profit association representing community-based organizations that provide residential, developmental, and employment supports/services to thousands of individuals with disabilities. SARC Members are located in every corner of this province and employ more than 2,000 people. SARC provides a variety of supports to its Members so that they can provide a quality service to persons with disabilities.

SARC's accomplishments over the years are a result of a dedicated Membership and committed volunteers. As SARC looks toward the future, it envisions continued success with its Members and partners in providing quality services and opportunities for individuals with disabilities that will enable them to achieve full citizenship in their communities.




"Persons of all abilities reaching their potential and enjoying full citizenship"


To provide vision, leadership and support through advocacy, education and the development of personal and employment opportunities.


SARC was established in 1968. Originally called the Saskatchewan Association of Sheltered Workshops and Activity Centres (SASWAC), it was formed by a group of managers from eight sheltered workshops in the province to enable mangers to share information and learn from each other. Its focus was providing employment and work activities primarily for people with disabilities.

In 1971, the group revised both the aim and the objectives of the association to provide a clear direction for its future. The association coordinated its Members’ activities to ensure common standards for workshop and activity centre operations were promoted, improved and provided meaningful opportunities to its clients.  SASWAC began promoting staff training programs, coordinating large province-wide contracts, providing the opportunity to exchange ideas among workshops, and bringing common concerns and needs to the attention of the provincial rehabilitation advisor. These changes renewed the commitment of SASWAC’s Members and led the association in a new direction.

In 1973, SASWAC officially changed its name to the Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres (SARC). During the next four years, SARC grew to 24 Member Centres, and its services slowly began to evolve in the areas of advocacy, liaison with other organizations, and development of standards, education, and marketing.

SARC is now an association of over 85 Member Agencies that provide services in the areas of residential supports, employment supports and community/recreation activities for thousands of persons with disabilities. The organization assists its Members by providing education and awareness activities, professional development, advocacy, labour relations, as well as technical and financial supports.


SARCAN Recycling Division:

SARCAN Recycling strives to provide employment for people of all abilities, protect the environment, and contribute to the economic development of our province. By returning your beverage containers to a SARCAN depot, you are doing the same!

SARCAN is one of the most successful examples of affirmative industry in Canada for the creation of employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Furthermore, it is recognized as one of the most successful recycling systems in North America.

SARCAN has a network of over 70 depots to provide a comprehensive provincial collection, processing, transportation, and marketing system to recycle most ready-to-serve beverage containers. Over half of these depots are operated by SARC Members under franchise from SARC; the remaining depots are operated by SARCAN directly.